Monday, May 25, 2015

Invisalign Nyc

Invisalign as a solution to shifting teeth

If you’re feeling a bit insecure about how your teeth measure up, there’s a great solution called Invisalign, and the best part about this treatment option is that they’re clear.
No one has to know that your improving your teeth while attending a board meeting, interview, or party.
Manhattan Dental Spa has been awarded the Elite provider in Invisalign Treatment for the past eight years, and has the leading technology to make this process as effortless and painless as possible.
To find out more, please check out our Invisalign services, and schedule a free Invisalign consultation today!
Invisalign Nyc

Why our teeth shift over the years

Why do our teeth shift Your teeth were crooked, buck, or on top of each other as a child. It looked like a horror scene in your mouth. Your parents paid and you endured the trip to the orthodontist so that an uncomfortable amount of wired braces could be placed on your teeth in the hopes that they would look better in time.
The process was painful and left cuts in your inner cheek, and scars on your heart after being called “metal mouth”. So years later, why have some of your teeth decided to take new residence in your mouth? Have you filled cavities recently? The decay that caused the cavity was eating away at the bone that held the tooth in one place, which ultimately moved the tooth as it loosened from the gum. Do you grind your teeth at night?
A recent New Beauty article discussed how this constant thrusting results in changing the alignment of your upper arch. Take a look at your family tree. How do other family member’s teeth look? Genetics could play a huge role in how your teeth will end up. Visit us at Manhattan Dental Spa in New York to check up for you.